Apple CarPlay is the Future of Vehicle Technology

Apple CarPlay delivers the technological advancements drivers appreciate. If you want hands-free options to access music, phones, a GPS, or many other apps, Apple CarPlay provides the gateway. Apple put much effort into the CarPlay experience. The features and functions contribute to the system's immense popularity.

Access to the popular Siri system allows users to dictate messages. The world is a busy place. Multitasking becomes unavoidable. Dictating notes through Siri in conjunction with Apple CarPlay allows for getting the word out and things done.

Some might consider knobs and manual controls to be a little too "old school." Others find them helpful in certain situations. Apple CarPlay seeks to give drivers as many options as possible. This is why traditional dials, buttons, and knobs designed to control screens work with CarPlay. Access to manual controls adds to the user-friendliness of the unit.

The only way to fully appreciate Apple CarPlay is to experience the system. Come to Friendly Honda to take a car out on a test drive to do so.



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