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Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

As a new Honda owner, Friendly Honda knows that you'll want to keep your Honda looking great, and help retain its resale value. Outdoor exposures are everywhere; hazards like pollution, ultra violet rays, bird droppings, acid rain and tree sap are constantly attacking your Honda's paint and can really hurt its appearance and resale value.

Fortunately, Friendly Honda offers a terrific new paint protection option for your vehicle that will help it retain its 'new Honda' look.

Auto Butler Paint Protection

Five-Year Paint Protection Warranty with Follow-up Program

Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

How can you protect your vehicle from the ugly spots caused by exposure to weather, fallout and acid rain? And what about the unsightly marks left by bird droppings and tree sap? Yuck! Well, you could regularly polish you car, but that takes time and energy. Plus, it's pretty expensive! Why go through all of that trouble when there's a better way to keep your Honda shining bright? The Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II program, with its two-step process, gives you the protection you need and the shine you want - guaranteed!

Auto Butler's two-step re-application program gives you years of warranty protection and gives your Honda that "new car finish" that looks great and more than pays for the itself when it comes to trade it in. Auto Butler even sends you re-application reminders to be sure your Honda looks its best all year long!

Don't drive a Honda? That's okay! Friendly Honda can sign you up for the Auto Butler Paint Protection Program no matter what make or model you drive!

How Does It Work?

Acid Rain

Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

Irregular patches of rough, discolored, or disintegrated surface possibly resulting in a crazing or cracking appearance.


Exposure to rain containing effluents from manufacturing, chemical industry and power stations.

Tree Sap

Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

Sap spots that resemble spots of pancake syrup in various sizes.



Tree sap in contact with vehicle's finish. If not removed will cause paint to crack.

Bird Droppings

Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

Finish damage or spot etching. The longer the dropping stays on the finish, the more severe the etching may become.


The problem is seasonal, regional and affected by the bird population. The organic etching is accelerated by intensified heat.


Friendly Honda Poughkeepsie NY

Finish damage or spot etching. The longer the dropping stays on the finish, the more severe the etching may become.


The problem is seasonal, regional and affected by the bird population. The organic etching is accelerated by intensified heat.

Did You Know...

The Environmental Protection Agency concluded that acid rain etches dull looking spots into the paint finish of your vehicle.

Newsweek stated that acid rain is now a nation problem.

In fact, the Washington Post claimed that acid rain causes $7 billion in damage annually.

Much like a good sunscreen protects your skin, paint protection shields a vehicle's valuable paint surface from dangerous ultra violet rays. Equally important, paint protection creates a protective barrier that shields the paint from environmental hazards including tree sap, bird droppings, road grime and industrial contaminants. Appearance-wise, paint protection brings out and maintains the depth and luster within every professional paint job.

To protect your paint and appearance we professionally complete two important steps. First, to be treated, the surface must be prepared for the paint by removing any dirt, or industrial contaminants. This is accomplished with a high-grade cleaner/polish. Next, the paint protection is applied to protect the original paint against degradation caused by environmental hazards and UV radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Why do I need a sealant on my car when it already has a clear coat?
A. Vehicle's factory clear coat is paint without pigment. Just like paint, the clear coat is prone to fading, oxidation and environmental hazards and needs to be protected.

Q. Isn't paint and interior covered under the manufacturer's warranty?
A. Only manufacturer defects are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer clearly states that they will not be held responsible for damage resulting from environmental or atmospheric conditions.

Q. How do I know when to have the Premier Paint Protection reapplied?
A. Auto Butler will send you a reminder card the month prior to the date your reapplication is due. When you receive this card, please contact your dealership to make an appointment.

Q. It's already been 6 months and I haven't received a card, what should I do?
A. Please contact us to make sure we have your correct and most recent address in our system. You can contact us on our Contact page, change your address by clicking here or by phone at 612-529-1960.

Q. Why do I need to bring my vehicle back every 6 months?
A. Extensive research proves that no paint protection product made today will last more than a year without "rejuvenation" or reapplication. Regular reapplication of Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection guarantees that your vehicle has the protection it needs to prevent permanent damage to the vehicles finish.

Q. How long is my warranty for?
A. Your warranty is either for 3 or 5 years from the date you purchased your vehicle, consult the Auto Butler warranty form you received when you purchased your vehicle.

Q. What does my paint warranty protect against?
A. The Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II warranty protects against environmental damage, tree sap, bird droppings, fading and oxidation. This warranty does NOT protect against chips or scratching on the vehicle.

Q. Can I still wax my vehicle?
A. After having the Premier Paint Protection II applied to your vehicle, there is no need to wax, however waxing your vehicle will not harm the paint protection or void your warranty. We also recommend regularly washing your vehicle using a soft cloth carwash.