Tailgating Essentials that Every Truck Need This Year

Whether you are heading to the football game or a local concert, tailgating is almost as important as the event itself. here are some tips for making the most of your vehicle.

Purchase a large clear tote with a solid closure on top and keep in the back of the truck for trash. Instead of dumping stuff at the parking lot, place your dirty dishes, leftover food, and other things you want to keep in the tote, then clean them when you get home.

One essential you must bring to the tailgating party is a good pair of jumper cables. You might forget after a few hours about your truck radio playing or using the charging stations to keep mobile devices only, and then your battery is dead. Now another tailgater can come to your rescue.

Bring your truck to Friendly Honda for servicing so you can continue to be the life of that tailgate party.



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