If you haven’t been bringing your vehicle to the car dealership for a regular tire tread checkup appointment, chances are pretty good that the treads on your tires have been wearing unevenly up to now. Getting your tires taken care of offers many benefits, including:

  1. Getting the tires rotated every 5,000 miles helps to get the maximum life out of each of them.
  2. Properly rotated tires tend to wear more evenly than other tires.
  3. If the tires are wearing too much on one side, they become unsafe to drive on.
  4. If the tires are beginning to wear unevenly, the performance of the vehicle will be compromised.
  5. Once the tires wear unevenly, any issue from there out will simply void the warranty and wind up costing you more to replace the damaged tires.

Bring your vehicle to Friendly Honda so the tires can be inspected today and you'll be back safely on your way.

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