Parking and lane changes are two maneuvers that are challenging to many drivers. The Honda HR-V is a crossover SUV strategically engineered to make such driving maneuvers easier to execute. The following technology features can help enhance your ability to park and change lanes safely.

Making a lane change on Poughkeepsie highways can be challenging. Honda LaneWatch is an HR-V utility that broadcasts the traffic in your passenger-side mirror to the dashboard's touchscreen when you activate your right turn signal. Using LaneWatch allows you to keep your eyes on the road in front of you as you monitor traffic near your vehicle's passenger side.

As a Friendly Honda in Poughkeepsie customer, you know that visibility while emerging from a parking space is a concern. The Multi-Angle Rearview Camera can give you a clear picture of traffic as you reverse. HR-V technology simplifies safer driving.


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