The new Honda Civic is beautiful without being too pretty. It looks upscale yet sporty and approachable. How does the Honda Civic manage to blend all of these elements so seamlessly? It's all in the exterior features. Here are our favorites.

Size Matters

Pushing the boundary between compact and mid-sized, the Honda Civic has a longer wheelbase than previous generations and a widely-set stance. The stance appears very athletic and slightly aggressive, but in a good way. It sets the Honda Civic apart from other cars on Poughkeepsie streets, preserving this vehicle's status as one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable in the entire world. The wide stance also enhances stability, cornering and handling.

A Whiff of Race Car Muscle

Honda Civic goes from steakhouse to drive-thru without missing a beat. Its refined looks have sporty credibility, thanks to beefy 18-inch alloy wheels, pronounced fog lights and a center outlet exhaust similar to those on performance Porches and Corvettes. Plus, the wheel choices also include a hunky 17-inch alloy alternative, all in bold, standout black.



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