With winter approaching, you will want to be sure that your vehicle is ready for the change in weather. At Friendly Honda near Newburgh, NY, we can help you with any prep and service that you need.


For example, it's a good idea to make sure your tires are in good shape since you may be driving in more inclement conditions. If you expect to encounter ice or snow, you might want to consider studs or chains. To prepare for the winter weather, you may also want to have your tires at a higher inflation. If you come to visit us in Poughkeepsie, we can determine whether this is necessary.

Battery, Fluids, and Oil

While you're here, we can also check your battery, including the fluid levels, and change your oil if needed. Some vehicles may need a winter weight oil to operate efficiently. A basic tune-up is a good idea, as is a check of any parts made of plastic or rubber and any hoses since they are more vulnerable to cracking in the cold weather.

Wiper Blades and Fluid

It's especially important in winter to make sure that you can see others and others can see you. We encourage drivers around Wappingers Falls and Brewster to check their headlights and wiper blades and make sure the wiper fluid has an anti-freeze agent.

Other Winter Weather Tips

With these precautions, you are much less likely to encounter a winter emergency, but it's still a good idea to have a winter kit in your car in case you run into any problems in Kingston, NY, or elsewhere. This should include a flashlight, blankets, and nonperishable snacks. A paper map or atlas can be helpful if your electronics fail, and you become lost, and you may want some signaling device, such as a warning triangle. A shovel can help you dig your vehicle out of the snow if necessary.

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