Have you recently purchased a new Honda model? If you're looking to ensure its quality and style this summer season, consider joining us at Friendly Honda for our convenient and quality Auto Butler Paint Protection services.

What is Auto Butler Paint Protection?

Wondering how you can go about protecting your Honda hatchback, sedan, or SUV from spots, oxidation, and other blemishes caused by harsh weather and frequent driving? While regular polishing and car washes are an option, they can lead to considerable out of pocket expenses that add up in the long-term. In that regard, you might want to consider our available Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II plan. In two simple steps, your vehicle will effectively be coated with a five-year paint protection warranty that will give your Honda model that "new car shine" that you're looking to showcase.

Auto Butler Paint Protection Frequently Asked Questions:

You have questions -- our experts have answers. Check out a handful of some of the most frequently asked questions our patrons from Poughkeepsie and Kingston, NY have regarding this groundbreaking paint protection plan below.

  1. Is my vehicle's paint and interior covered under warranty?: Unfortunately no; manufacturer defects are covered under warranty while damage resulting from exposure to the elements isn't covered.
  2. Why should I coat my vehicle with sealant when it already has a coat applied?: While your model's clear coat is sure to withstand substantial wear from weather and everyday travel, it'll eventually fade and oxidize over time. An additional coat ensures that your vehicle's color will hold strong without and blemishes.
  3. What does Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II protect against?: This protection plan acts as a shield against tree sap, bird droppings, general environmental damage, fading, and oxidation that comes with age.

Showcase your Honda model's distinct style when trekking through Brewster, Newburgh, and Wappingers Falls this summer season with confidence after scheduling a service appointment to have your vehicle coated with our Auto Butler Paint Protection solution.

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