Bracing for Winter: How to Make a Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

Traveling in winter an be particularly hazardous. The friendly team at Friendly Honda is always happy to visit with people about car winterization and making a survival kit. There are a variety of items that need to be included in a comprehensive car winter survival kit.

Included on the list of items for your winter survival kit is a powerful flash light with extra batteries, an extra mobile charger, fresh bottled water, and nonperishable snacks. The kit should also include a snow shovel together with cat litter. These items are needed if you become stuck on snow or ice.

A complete wintertime survival kit for your car needs warm blankets and extra clothing, including boots, hat, and gloves. Jumper cables, tire sealant, and a multipurpose utility tool should be added to such a kit, if not already present in your car.


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