How Towing Capacity Differs From Payload Capacity

Many of our customers at Friendly Honda come to us looking for trucks that can handle tough jobs. When you're shopping for a truck, there are many factors you'll have to consider. This includes payload and towing capacities, which are two distinct measures.

Payload capacity is the amount of weight your truck can carry. This refers to everything that may be in the cabin, in the truck bed, and on any roof rails. When trucks are manufactured, they're given a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to indicate how heavy it can be when loaded down with cargo. When you take the GVWR and subtract the weight of the truck, you get payload capacity.

In contrast, towing capacity describes how much weight your truck can pull in a trailer. This is usually much greater than payload capacity, as the trailer's axles can carry some of the load.



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