Vehicle Theft Prevention

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration reports that approximately a quarter of a million people each year become victims of vehicle theft. Would be thieves tend to target vehicles that they can access, start and drive away within a matter of minutes. But, there are a number of precautions that owners should adopt to ensure the safety of their vehicle.

Always make sure to lock the vehicle doors and close the windows before walking away from the vehicle. Whether at home or in public, park in lighted areas, which dissuade thieves who do not want to draw attraction to themselves. Do not keep the title and registration in the vehicle. If the car, SUV or truck should be stolen, thieves have no way of proving they are the owner if confronted by law enforcement.

Invest in some type of security system. Electronic devices emit audible alarms when someone attempts to enter the vehicle. Some also turn on the interior and exterior lights to attract attention.



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