Keep Pests Away From Your Vehicle With These Tricks

Seeing the occasional rodent in the garage isn't uncommon for most people. But if you've seen any lately, make sure that you check underneath the hood of your car to ensure that they haven't started making nests near your engine. When rodents get underneath your hood, they bring materials to make your car cozy, and they'll also chew at wires, which can cause a significant amount of damage. Here are a couple of ways to keep them away.

You can make your garage an unpleasant place for them by installing ultrasound alarms and strobe lights. The great thing about ultrasound alarms is that they're too high-pitched for humans to hear. You can also spray peppermint oil around the hood, which they'll find unpleasant.

Mouse traps and poison around the garage will also cut down or even eliminate the rodent problem. Peanut butter is a great lure, but be sure to keep pets away from poison.



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