Good News: Improvements to Car Seat Installation

Car seats aren't one size fits all. Neither are LATCH systems, the tethers and anchors that help you install and ground your car seat safely. They should be. At least that's what the IIHS thinks, and we here at Friendly Honda agree. Here's why.

Why LATCH Systems Should Be Fairly Standard

Using a LATCH system means you're much more likely to install your car seats correctly, according to IIHS research. Correctly installed car seats greatly increase your vehicle's crashworthiness and overall safety when driving on Poughkeepsie roads and highways.

Here's the problem: not all LATCH systems are the same. Components, position and proximity to other hardware greatly reduce the usefulness of LATCH systems and the likelihood of correct car seat installation.

Standard LATCH systems could potentially eliminate incorrect car seat installations and enhance overall vehicle safety.

IIHS Ratings for LATCH Systems

The IIHS has four ratings for LATCH systems: Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor. Each rating gauges how well (or how poorly) a given LATCH system conforms to standard criteria. The criteria, IIHS hopes, may encourage manufacturers to create more standardized LATCH systems. The ratings can also help you better evaluate LATCH systems you encounter when purchasing a vehicle.



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