Should You Cover Your Truck Bed?

Many pickup owners leave their truck beds open. However, there are advantages to covering the space. Using a tonneau cover protects the bed against weather conditions, which could cause premature rusting, scratches or dents. Leaving highly visible items in the back of a pickup raises the risk of theft or vandalism. Unsecured items might also fall from the bed or be caught by the wind and ejected. Some studies suggest that covering the bed may improve gas mileage compared to uncovered beds.

There are many styles of truck bed covers from which an owner might choose. Canvas covers are easily applied and removed. But, they do not provide security. On the other hand, folded or rolled covers enables owners to secure the load. Camper shells are another option. Shells protect the bed from environmental factors and are easily secured. However, gas mileage may decrease depending on the height of the shell.



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