Back-to-School Service for Your Car's Cooling System

If you are not yet familiar with the operations of the cooling system in your vehicle, you'll want a skilled mechanic to perform a cooling system inspection to make certain everything checks out as the cooler weather approaches at the start of the new school season.

The water pump will be checked to see if it is leaking, and the belt that powers the pump carefully inspected for wear or signs it may fail.

The thermostat will be tested, and the gasket in the housing replaced to ensure the seat is secure. If you have been using the air conditioning all summer, you don't want this part to fail in the winter.

The radiator fluid will be properly flushed, then replaced with the OEM equivalent. The radiator cap will be tested and the radiator hoses checked for damage or areas of wear.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your cooling system check-up with Friendly Honda.



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